Friday, 6 April 2012


Herman Schrump

Welcome. This is it! We're about to roll up our sleeves and get lovely and messy.

I am so glad you have decided to join me on this creative adventure as we work together through Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes. Today will be very much an introduction, so please don't worry if you haven't got hold of your copy of the book yet. This isn't something we're going to work through in a logical fashion, so really you'll just be able to dip in and dip out as time allows - I know how busy we all are.

So, what's the book about and why group up?

Keri Smith wishes to encourage us to see creativity, shape, colour and art in the unexpected. She is pulling us away from clean lines and accurate rendition. She is telling us it's OK to flick our paint about, spill our dinner on our study materials and just generally act a little kooky (I'll be honest... I don't really need much encouragement!).

It's a strange and almost un-natural thing to do. That's why I believe there's fun in numbers and, by sharing our work each week, we will be daring each other to push that much harder at our boundaries and to share our personal experience at doing just that.

What to expect
Given my previous experience in working through Keri's Wreck This Journal: To Create is to Destroy I fully expect us to discover a side to our artistry that we never knew existed. The naughty Muse if you like who hasn't been allowed out to play since we were eight years old.

Working through this book we will encourage each other to think outside the box (you must see my personal post for a good example of this) and to learn from our 'accidents and mistakes'. There is no right or wrong. We are not creating works of art to grace the walls of fancy galleries.


There are no rules.
If you find any sneaking in.... break them!


OK, I had to add these in... but they are definitely not rules!

Really, I just want to encourage you all to blog about your experiences every week and share those posts through Mr Linky below. I've also created a Facebook Group where those that are that way inclined might like to share some chit chat throughout the week. Be honest. Don't be afraid to admit that you feel a fool for painting with spaghetti or that you don't feel you're getting anything from this. I promise you will.

You can do as many pages as you like each week. I'll run the group until the end of May - but of course there won't be anything to stop you carrying on. The Facebook Group will remain open indefinitely too.

Let's get started...

So, this is it. If you've already started making a mess, feel free to share your splatters here and try and visit the others.

My challenge for next week is...

Open the book at a random page and follow the instructions no matter how uncomfortable they make you feel (no cheating and picking another page). Give it your all...


If you would like to join the Facebook Group, obviously you need to be on Facebook... then I think I just need your name, so if you want to friend me (and I would love it if you liked my Wright Brain Stuff page.. plug plug), then I can invite you.

Grab a badge for your blog! Do share the group with your friends and followers - the more the merrier!

The Wright Brain Stuff - Book Group


  1. I am waiting for my book to arrive so that I can start. My "inner neat freak" and I are really looking forward to getting messy and having fun. I have sent a friend request to your face book page. While I am waiting for my book to arrive I will set up a blog - another new experience.
    Here's to new experiences and fun, fun, fun !!!
    Joy (Palmer)

  2. Lisa, have my book, have messed already. Thank you for leaving info on 'linking to blog'. I am new to all this communications tech speak and don't know how to do any of the things. Having put up my link, what do I do so send a picture?? Looking forward to this, and will try to sort out a Facebook page when I get a minute.

  3. wotcher have decided to get messy with you all. may join your e course as well but am a bit thoroughly broke just now. hope all well in your camp. love ya!

  4. Hi Lisa....I just wrote in my introduction: "Leap and the net will be provided" Did not do a blog post. Will include it all next week's post. Gonna be fun!

  5. I'm also waiting for my book. Can't wait to get started! :)

  6. Got the book YIPEEEEEEE will get started very soon! I think I will like it cause I am into making a mess ;)

  7. Ordered my book and can't wait to join the fun!!!

  8. What a wonderful idea! My copy of the book arrived on Friday, perfect to start gettng messy during the weekend! :)